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The luxury of Emirates Hills

Attempting to define the verdant luxury of Emirates Hills in words is much the same as trying to hold water in one’s hands, it can be attempted but never fully captured. If one is quick to define the Dubai property then it can be said that it is the Emirate’s answer to Hollywood’s Beverly Hills, but many argue that it takes high living and class to a level beyond even that lauded company. Emirates Hills is a gated community located in Dubai, adjacent to the world famous Montgomerie Golf Course.

It is one of the most expensive property investments in terms of capital outlay but it is also one of the most secure investments. As an exclusive environment, developer Emaar Properties pursued the idea of making the individual estates freehold properties – which remains the case today. The few elite residents are largely expatriates and many are celebrities and business moguls. This project was unique in that it was the only one where land was sold per square foot to individuals to build the house of their choice.

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There are numerous places in the world where are you can buy real estate. Dubai is certainly one of the most popular places in the world at the moment where are you can buy real estate. If you are interested in real estate in Dubai, you should probably know that the demand for real estate in the United Arab Emirates, and more precisely especially Dubai’s pretty high at the moment. There are numerous reasons why this is so, and in today’s article, we will try to discover why the world has gone crazy about real estate in Dubai.

Dubai Is The Future

6-Dubai-real-estate-16With some of the most contemporary architecture and the most modern buildings, Dubai certainly is the future. Therefore, Dubai has attracted many foreign investors why are interested in investing in the future mainly for this reason alone. In addition to that, there are also numerous other aspects that attract investors to Dubai. Still, it does not negate the fact that the architecture in Dubai is probably the most contemporary architecture you can find in the world today. This is what makes it such a popular location for investment, in addition to offering extreme luxury and a unique location. Moreover, there are numerous other benefits to owning real estate in Dubai that will be further discussed in detail and that actually confirmed that you are making a smart move if you think about investing in Dubai and UAE.

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